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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Max Clifford

Maxwell Frank Clifford (born 6 April 1943) 
was born in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. Is an English Publicist. Although his client range is varied, he is a  controversial figure for often representing unpopular clients (such as those accused or convicted of crimes) and acting as an agent to people selling "kiss-and-tell" stories to tablet newspapers. His parents were, Frank Clifford, an Electrician and Lillian Born into a poor family, Clifford was the youngest of four children (eldest sister, two brothers) by nearly 10 years to his next sibling. The family survived their father's regular bouts of unemployment, gambling and alcoholism through handouts from their grandmother and latterly from his sister's employment as PA to the London Vice President of Morgan Guarantee trust bank
A traditional Labour supporter, Clifford openly vowed to bring down the government because he personally felt that the National Health Service was mismanaged, having dealt with the NHS in attempting to obtain treatment for his daughter, who has juvenile idiotic arthritis. While he is primarily known for helping to bring damaging allegations to light, he insists that today most of his work is concerned with concealment of stories.

Shilpa Shetty was in the case of racism in big brother with Jade Goody. The strange thing is that max Clifford defended both the sides on this case. This same thing happened with the case with David Beckham and his personal assistant Rebecca Loos, apparently they had an affair behind Victoria’s back and Clifford defended both cases and it was successful.

Clifford represented a lot of famous people such as, Shelby Shetty, Rebecca Loos, Simon Cowell, David Copperfield, Jade Goody,
Cheryl Cole, Gillian McKeith, Tony Martin, Michael Watson,
Derek Hatton.

The Worlds personal opinion on Clifford is that he is a great representative, as they all know he thought some of the hardest cases of all time and succeeded. He might not be the nicest man in the world but he does his job very well.

While max is busy handling the media whirlwind surrounding Alfie. Max drops news of world phone hacking action

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